2021 was a big year for Lil Nas X.

It was the year he birthed the incredible Montero into the world.

And sure, the album was filled with legit bops

But who could forget his masterful marketing campaign leading up to Montero‘s release?

His maternity shoot was brilliant!

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The launch video where he “birthed” the album was downright hilarious…

And it all lead up to an album that topped the charts and warmed the hearts of LGBTQIA+ folx all over the world (myself included!)

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to think so.


According to The Blast, Dana Dentata is alleging Nas X stole the marketing campaign from her.

The cease and desist letter sent to Nas X claims:

“The sonogram image your client released, as well as the photographs depicting him as pregnant wearing a prosthetic stomach in promotion of Montero, which appears on Instagram and in People Magazine, are also nearly identical and, again, clearly used my client’s works as their basis”

And on first glance, you could make the argument that Dana is correct — the videos do appear to have similar scenes (Lil Nas X wheeling into an emergency room, an Instagram post showing a sonogram).

That’s where the similarities end.


I mean, if Dana Dentata really wants to split hairs, is she going to accept that she got the idea from Lady Gaga?

Or perhaps she got the idea from Katy Perry?

Maybe it’s literally every single movie that ever featured hospital scenes?

Ooof, this movie didn’t age well

Hard to say.

It’s important to protect intellectual property, for sure.

But this lawsuit is a miss.

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