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We’re all going a little crazy these days and this list of the most popular Google searches proves that.

How to make vodka from hand sanitizer. (Please don’t do this)

Other places to stick a nasal swab. (OUCH!)

Dr. Fauci erotic fan fiction. (I guess he’s kinda cute?)

How do you discreetly get rid of your spouse’s body?  (OH. MY. GOD!)

Affordable divorce attorneys near me.  (Maybe take a walk alone and get some space)

I cleaned out my garage and attic. Now what the eff am I supposed to do?!?  (Cook? Workout? Nap?)

Carole Baskin alibis.  (They don’t exist 😉 )

Did Joe Biden host “The Price Is Right”?  (It was BOB BARKER!)

How to study for a coronavirus test.  (I wish more people knew how to)

Does Gavin Newsom’s hair detach like a Lego figurine?  (How much gel does he use a month is what I wanna know)