Luke Combs has been performing covers of Ed’s songs for years.

And he finally had the duet of his dreams.

According to Taste of Country, Luke was performing in London for the Country 2 Country festival in London over the weekend.

And he began singing a cover of Ed’s song “Dive.”

During the second verse, he invited a special guest onstage…

Ed Sheeran himself!

But that’s not all that’s in store for Luke/Ed fans!

Taste of Country quotes Luke Combs for Music Mayhem Magazine:

“We were going to [write together] but the COVID thing screwed our whole plans up on that but maybe one day, hopefully one day”

Since they’re both interested, it’s a very good bet Ed will make it happen for his next big collaboration album.

Onstage collabs aside, Ed’s had quite the busy month.

You may remember he’s been fighting a copyright lawsuit over his song “Shape of You.”

Sami Chokri and Ross O’Donoghue allege his song sounds strikingly similar to one they wrote in 2015.

A song called “Oh Why”

Sheeran denied the accusation, saying he clears parts of his songs with “lots” of other artists.

The lawyer for the two artists said:

“The evidence is overwhelming that at the time of writing Shape of You, your songwriting process involved collecting ideas.”

To which Sheeran retorted:

“You say it’s overwhelming, I don’t agree with that.”

Sheeran went on to explain the similarities between the two songs are “entirely commonplace”

BBC quotes his response:

“Even so, if I had heard Oh Why at the time and had referenced it, I would have taken steps to clear it.”

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