Marvel movies often hire extremely talented directors.

Many of which have ideas beyond the scale of the MCU.

And two of the biggest names in their director catalogue are setting their sights on something even more stylish.

According to The Rolling Stone, the Russo Brothers, famous for their work with the MCU, were promoting their upcoming NON-Marvel film The Grey Man.

When they dropped a rather interesting tidbit:

They want to make a musical, and not with just anyone.

They want it to be a collaboration with The Weeknd.

Marvel Directors discuss making a Weeknd Musical

On the Rolling Stone’s Twitch channel, the host asks if the Russo’s had considered making other genres of film.

“We’ve been talking to a few contemporary artists, including The Weeknd about, you know, trying to get a musical off the ground.”

So it isn’t even that they are considering it, they’re actively in talks to make it happen.

“I’d love to work with someone who wants to do an experimental musical. I thought what [The Weeknd] did during the Superbowl show was awesome. I’d love to see that as a movie.”

The Weeknd flies disappointed fan to Concert

The first stop of The Weeknd’s After Hours Til Dawn tour was postponed in Toronto.

And unfortunately, one unlucky fan was none-too happy.

A picture that went viral was of 6-year-old Phoenix Prince, crying outside the venue — while dressed in The Weeknds’s outfit from the “Blinding Lights” video.

The Weeknd tweeted, “can someone please find him for me?”

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