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Meghan Trainor is in a baby bubble. The mother of two came to Instagram to show off her newborn. She captioned an Instagram video, “Barry is already a month old…Riley is in love! We love you, sweet boy! #newborn”


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The video features Trainor in a rocking chair with her kids, set to the song “I Get to Love You” by Mysha Didi. Riley hugs baby Barry while leaning over his mom’s lap, making Trainor smile. He pulls back and touches the baby’s cheek gently.

The Grammy winner mentioned Riley’s gentle nature with other kids. “He’s gentle and kind with younger kids,” she said. “And he hugs – we barely hug – we just grab him and smother him. I have videos of him ‘mmm’ and hugging other babies. He’s a gentle, sweet boy. We’re lucky.”

Riley takes good care of his baby brother, Barry. Meghan says Riley and Barry are bonding nicely, and Riley even takes the time to bottle-feed his baby brother.


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