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For all that Firefighters do, this one goes out to you! Instead of Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Mist From A Hose”

There is a Little Fire Station, Two Blocks Down the street
Who can save your cat that got stuck up a Tree
Highly Trained, if Dad lost control of the Grill…

Then Fire Pros, In Heavy Clothes
Will Run out & slide down,
that pole, like a Magic Mike Scene!

Baby! Watch ’em spraying out the mist from a Hose, on the Flame!
Oooo, Douse it like I douse my breakups in beers
Yeah, Streams of Salvation Let Loose,
Like on Public Restroom’s Urinal Cakes

Fair, out of all the first responders, firemen are most Bae

To School, they Came… On Career Day they’re all the kids Faves!
All Grades…
Of Course they got a Pet Dalmatian, Riding By their Side…
Lift his leg & putting out the blaze

Their Sirens Blow, so you will know
To merge your Car right, but…
Some moron is Blocking the Street?!

Bird Brain!!! How ’bout ya take a freaking hint, move your car out the Way!
Oooo, My Blood is pounding as the Fire Trucks Wail
Yeah, they’ll blow through a red light or two
Cuz Heroes got rules, They Must Break!

They Save dimwits who smoke Near Propane!
They save children who Fell Down a Drain!
They Keep their Fire Engines Neatly Maintained
Truck’s Been More Auto-Tuned than T-PAIN!

There is a Calendar with Shirtless Firemen on Display
I’ll Just say… I Love August, December, and MAY! (Yeah!)
And when it comes to CPR, you know they do it Right…
Beggin em’ to help ya Demonstrate!

When Duty Calls, they Risk it All!
They’ll fight any Ember
Got Human Torch Wetting his Jeans!

FIREMAN! Burnin’ Building didn’t blink, as he ran thru the Flames
Oooo, Got the Mustache Like a hot Dr. Phil
Yeah, Extinguish that toaster you Used
Hose down “Car-beques” on Highways

Yeah, I can see ya thru the Mist from your hose, that you Spray
Oooo, The Fire Knows the REAL “Smoke Show” is You
Yeah, Smokey the Bear Needs the Crew
When a Gender Review goes ASTRAY…

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