Mountain Lions may not quite be an endangered species…

But they’re endangering a new development in San Mateo County.

According to SF Gate, the town of Woodside has blocked new housing developments.

Woodside Mayor Dick Brown is quoted:

“Every house that’s built is one more acre taken away from (mountain lions’) habitat. Where are they going to go? Pretty soon we’ll have nothing but asphalt and no animals or birds.”

While Mountain Lions are protected under the state’s Endangered Species act, they’re technically “Threatened.”

SB9 (broadly) encourages more development in established neighborhoods. Which could, theoretically, include more affordable housing.

SF Gate notes the median household income of Woodside is $250,000 per year.

Which is about twice the median income of a family of 4 living in the Bay Area (as of 2019).

Let’s also not forget that this is the same community who called the “Flintstone House” along 280 a “Public Nuisance” …

For possibly lowering local property values.

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