Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, it just did.

“Murder Hornets” have found a way to get to the United States for the first time. One sighting has been made at Washington State.

Others have also seen the bug in British Columbia and Canada.

Murder Hornets are huge predators to honey bees and a couple of the hornets can even destroy a hive in just a few hours, so this is already another red flag for bees.

The insects are most known to have killed about 50 people in Japan every year by using its powerful stingers. Its stingers can go through someone in a beekeeper suit!

Luckily, these bugs don’t usually attack people, but if they dInseco – watch out.

Experts are working on a way to trap the insects to prevent them from flying to other places in the United States and beyond.

Story via CBSNews.com

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