NASA has tackled many a complicated problem over the years.

But with their latest problem? They’re winging it.

According to the LA Times, the NASA Ames Research Center is struggling to control a flock of wild turkeys.

The 18 or so offending birds have been wreaking havoc on the Mountain View center.

From disrupting flights at Moffett Airfield, to damaging cars in parking lots, to blocking traffic.

To say nothing of the carnage wrought by their incessant droppings.

While the agency insists the turkeys pose little danger to the day-to-day operations…

They’ve still plan to “relocate” them to the San Antonio Valley Ecological Reserve, 30 miles south of Livermore.

Ken Paglia, from the Department of Fish and Wildlife offered a solution:

“NASA is teaming up with the USDA and they will provide licensed trappers that will work on relocating the turkeys,

If all goes to plan, officials from the USDA and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife will team up with NASA to lure the birds into a walk-in corral.

NASA explained:

“This measure protects the safety and well-being of the turkeys, as well as the Ames community and workforce”

Operation Turkey Drop (not the official name) is expected to begin sometime near the end of this month.

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