New Belgium Brewing company has something big… brewing.

It might not fill the Great America-sized hole we’re going to have in our hearts in a few years, but it’s definitely going to be unique.

According to Kron4, the brewery’s website is teasing a new theme park in Napa County.

The website claims the park will be called “Voodoo Ranger Action Park,” which will open mere minutes from downtown Napa.

Named after their popular line of IPAs.

The “Fat Tire” company’s official website claims they’ll have a “beer-powered” flume ride called the “Xtreme Brew Flume.”

As well as “NorCal’s tallest coaster made from reclaimed beer barrels.”

A pool filled with 130,000 gallons of Hazy IPA called “Surf’s Up.”

And a massive concert stage with a 25,000 watt sound system.

A text crawler on the website is also also teasing a “Happy Hoppy IPA Dunk Plunge,” and a “Hazy IPA Tilt-A-Whirl.”

And… some kind of Hoppy Haunted House?

New Belgium teases bizarre concepts for attractions

The concept designs on the website are all extremely over-the-top, and the bright colors and tongue-in-cheek visuals make the entire idea seem very silly.

Sure, there’s a ton of open land outside downtown Napa.

And a lot of it is already owned by wineries and other developments.

Also… they’re claiming the park will be 136 acres.

For reference, California’s Great America sits on approximately 112-acres.

And Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, in nearby Vallejo, is approximately 135 acres.

But is it actually going to happen?

Probably not.

For one, the approval process for new developments in Napa County are notoriously obtuse.

And there’s little to no chance nearby wineries, homeowners, and business owners would approve of such a massive undertaking as building a theme park.

To say nothing of the increased traffic and scenery.

If anything, it’s a marketing stunt.

Calling it now, instead of a “Theme Park,” New Belgium will open a new taproom or brewery in Napa.

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