Ketchup might be the best condiment ever created.

Yup, it’s even better than mustard in our opinion…

A new survey on Buzzfeed asked people if they put ketchup on a number of different food.

Some are common and some are just a bit odd…

Here’s what they found:

  • 85% of people use ketchup on hot dogs.
  • 83% use ketchup on fries.
  • 82% use ketchup on burgers.
  • 69% use ketchup on chicken nuggets.
  • 29% use ketchup on eggs.
  • 21% use ketchup on grilled cheese.
  • 14% use ketchup on other sandwiches.
  • 9% use ketchup on pasta.

14% of people also said that they would eat ketchup by the SPOONFUL.

We like ketchup, but not THAT much. Gotta put it on something!

What’s your favorite condiment? 

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