Sometimes, all we need is a good pep talk.

With the world in chaos, gas prices on the rise, war, COVID…

Things could be better.

Thankfully, a group of Bay Area students are on the case.

According to ABC 7, students from West Side Elementary School in Healdsburg have launched the “Peptoc Hotline.”

It’s an art project focused on giving Pep Talks, naturally!

The number: 707-998-8410

When you dial, you’re greeted by a series of bilingual recordings from students at the school.

All offering adorable advice on things like anger, stress, frustration, sadness…

And their advice is pretty good, too!

Following the prompt for “mad, frustrated, or nervous,” leads you to one child suggesting you go to your bedroom and punch a pillow or cry.

Another recommends spending money on ice cream or shoes.

Yet another prompt will take you to a group of students cheering you on with words of encouragement and affirmation.

Every single one of their pep talks is so incredibly pure.

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Jessica Martin, the student who came up with the idea, told ABC 7:

“The adults among us have been holding everything up for so long, it’s amazing to see what comfort children can bring. I was moved by the incredible collection of advice and encouragement they gleaned, and how easily and distinctly they were able to communicate it.”

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