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Pro Tip: Listen To Adele’s Album Before Interviewing Adele About Adele’s Album

Adele is obviously giving lots of interviews promoting her new album. And if you are lucky enough to get some time, you typically get the opportunity to hear the album before every else.

That slipped by Channel 7 interviewer Matt Doran when he flew to London for the conversation, and didn’t see the email where he could have heard it. And then Adele asked what he thought. Uh oh…

He was honest when he replied, “I haven’t listened to it.”

Some sources say Adele walked out of the interview at that point, while others said the interview was already over by that point. Although the interview was recorded, Adele’s label Sony has reportedly denied Channel 7 rights to air any portion of it. The network suspended him. He explained it wasn’t a deliberate snub, just “the most important email I have ever missed.”


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