Rihanna’s demo version of Selena Gomez’s track, “Same Old Love” has appeared on the internet and is getting tons of attention and love from fans!

While the song is technically Selena’s single, the song was at first meant for Rihanna.

RiRi had a chance to record the song when she was working on her ANTI album.

Charli XCX was one of the songwriters for “Same Old Love” and mentioned that the song ended up being on Selena’s album instead…

“I think at one point Rihanna was gonna sing it or something, but then I think the direction of her record changed and it wasn’t right for her anymore (ANTI is one of my fav albums of the year btw slay).”

Charli was glad that Selena was a fan of the song,

“Then I think Selena heard it and was into it, and she sang it, and it just suited her voice and her story so well. The song felt so emotional and real coming from her. I was really happy she cut it; it felt very powerful.”

Here’s Selena’s version:

Here’s Rihanna’s take:

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