In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon ahead of appearing on Saturday Night Live, Sam Smith reveals what’s been going on lately. Here are the big takeaways from their sit-down:

  1. They got to sing “Stay With Me” at the White House for the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act… How did the WH reach out? BY EMAIL. It’s supes casual. Ha!
  2. Sam is still starstruck in the presence of celebrities “pop divas” like Rihanna and Madonna. They say they will “fall to the floor” if they see one of those stars.
  3. Lady Gaga once got Sam in some trouble in school when they forged an excuse note to see Gaga’s Monster Ball tour. They got detention for a week!
  4. The new album “Gloria” is named for the spirit Sam Smith feels inside that says to keep going.

Peep the video for chill vibes and good times.

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