San Jose Will Open Parks And Plazas For Restaurants, Gyms and Hair Salons For Outdoor Operations

A new project is helping keep local San Jose businesses alive.

The all new “San Jose Al Fresco” program approved by the city council earlier this week and will now allow various businesses such as restaurants, gyms and hair salons to operate safely outdoors at different parks and plazas.

Of course, there will be certain rules and criteria enforced during these outdoor operations.

Outdoor space for businesses to use are currently free of charge.

The city hasn’t announced which spots are eligible for use but areas like Fountain Alley, Hammer Theatre Plaza, the Circle of Palms and Parque de Los Pobladores downtown were listed as part of the Al Fresco site.

Last month, San Jose shutdown street traffic around San Pedro Square to allow businesses and restaurants to have more access to serve customers outdoors.

What are your thoughts on this new move by the city?

You can find learn more information about the new program and apply for a permit if needed at

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