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Getting Taylor Swift tickets to the ERAS TOUR has been a nightmare! This song goes out to those Swifties who will do ANYTHING to get into those last few shows… Instead of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Section 603″

Scared to the Bone, as Swiftie I’m upset
I Can’t find any Taylor Tickets on the Internet
I’ve Been crying, “Tay Tay, I Need See You!”

Nothing but gloom, when I search the Ticketmaster site
I sold my car but found it barely covered half the PRICE?!
Keep Saving, I don’t care if my rent’s due…

Hear Her Concert, on Loud Speaker…
From the Parking Lot, in my Eras T-Shirt!
60,000 Fans singing “Karma” inside
Felt like… “Home Alone” & I’m the kid left behind!
I would wear Disguises, Dress up like the Stage Crew!
Blackmail My own Mom
Oh, I’m Just Kidding!
But, No Mom Seriously…
I’ll have your pics released

Heard that my niece, saw her twice in New Orleans,
I called that 8 Year old & told her that she’s Dead to Me
Got some Bad Blood brewing, thinkin’ to Myself…
“I bet she likes Kanye!””
I Logged onto Tinder to try a more Shameless Route,
My Bio says: “If you Got Taylor Tickets, I Put Out!”
Diggin’ Around in the Neighborhood trash
Cuz seein’ Taylor would be worth that rash!

I’d Lie & Steal,
Bribe a Tweener
Earn my Ticket, with 13 Misdemeanors!
Fall Down to my knees, screamin’ “God name your Price!”
I’ll Do It, even if it’s a Virgin Sacrifice!

I dont Need to be Row One, cuz I’m a fan who
Scream-Sings all of her Songs,
You’ll still Hear my Shrieks
Not An Eagle, that’s Me!

Hoping that I’ll be Caller 94,
On the Radio & win Seats for Free
In Section 603, Row Double Z…

I’d do anything, to Be in the Crowd
Holding up my glitter sign
Friendship Bracelets on my Hand
Let my Sequined Jacket Shine!
Break all my finger bones
From applauding constantly!
Happy Crying for So Long,
They Gonna give me an I.V…

I’ll get in, or die, there’s nothing that I won’t Do…
Tweeting at Jake Paul
Challenge him to Fight me…
Cuz For Taylor, I’d Bleed!

I Tried to scale the wall into the Venue…
To the Ground I Fell
As their Security
Took a Taser to Me!

I Just gotta See!
Before She goes overseas!
So I’ll be selling both my Kidneys…
All My Hair, Blood & Feces
Cuz I’m a Real Swiftie

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