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Join 3G every weekday evening as he counts down the hottest songs of the day on the Hot [email protected]!




About 3G: Gregg is an alien from the future.  The year 2852 to be exact.  He’s only part human – the best parts though – his brain and his chestnuts.  Just like the terminator he is living tissue over a metal endoskeleton.  His mission here is to absorb popular culture and curate it in a meaningful way to other humans. He can discuss anything from Dungeons and Dragons to Elizabeth Hurley’s latest bikini line.  3G has been programmed to be your best friend.  You can take him anywhere and it will be a good time.  You can walk your dog with him, play video games with him, or kick back and enjoy a nutty dark stout with him.  3G’s the life of the party and you’ll want to spend as much time with him before his mission is done.