Summer Etiquette Rules – Keep the Peace!

Summer is here and with it comes all kinds of annoyances… situations that CAN be avoided with just a little common courtesy.  So here are seven rules to abide by if you want a fun summer for everyone:

  1. Don’t splash people in the pool, unless they’re okay with it.
  2. Don’t set up right next to someone at the beach, or block their view of the water.  Personal space.
  3. Don’t shake your sandy towel all over someone! OMG that’s annoying.  Check the wind direction first.
  4. When you meet someone, take off your sunglasses to make eye contact (or they might feel weird.)
  5. Put a little effort into what you wear at fancy events – no flip flips (unless they’re Chanel)
  6. Don’t go too crazy blasting your music.  Not everyone loves Justin Bieber
  7. Don’t set off fireworks in the middle of the night!  (Neighbors may come after you.)

The important thing is to have a FUN summer! 🌞🕶️🍉🎡🏄‍♀️😎🏝️   Just be chill.






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