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Taco Bell Adds $1 Churro Donuts To Menu

Is it me or does it seem like every fast food chain has been adding doughnuts onto their menus? McDonald’s dropped doughnut sticks recently, Burger King added a fried desert onto the menu and now Taco Bell is joining the doughnut bandwagon.

Taco Bell is selling Churro Donuts for only $1 on its breakfast menu lineup which will only be around for a limited time. This reminds me of the time when they sold churros back in 2012:

The company described the churro donut as,

“Everything you know and love about a churro in a shape of a donut.”

These churro donuts are only available at Kansas City, Missouri Taco Bells but may be available in stores nationwide.

I hope they roll them out everywhere soon, I really want to try one!

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