In August, Taco Bell announced BIG cuts to their menus. Like getting rid of all their potato items! (Still not over it.)

They got rid of those items to make the ordering experience easier for their customers and employees.

Now, the fast food chain is planning to axe even more items later this year.

One Taco Bell spokesperson mentioned that you’ll no longer be able to find these items on their menus starting November 5:

  • Mexican Pizza
  • Anything With Shredded Chicken
  • Pico de Gallo

Ehfeuro GIF by EHF

There is some good news though…

With these cuts comes in new items! This includes:

  • Chicken Chipotle Melt
  • Dragonfruit Freeze
  • Green Sauce
  • Quesalupa

What item from Taco Bell do you miss the most?

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