The Bachelor’ pioneered reality dating shows and after 20 years it deserves its own song! Instead of Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Take My Rose”

The Tinder Game, Gave me strife!
I found a better way, to find my wife…
I’m dating 30 different girls, at one time,
Inside a Mansion on a Hill, that’s not mine!
And they all know about each other, But they don’t mind

Yea, I hear ‘em dreamin’, screamin’
From the Stretch Limos! (Ahhh! He’s so hot!)
And I really admire, How You quit careers
For this show! oh-oh!
Vent to me all your issues,
Then I’ll lean in & kiss you
And give you my Ro-Rose, Ro-Rose
Cameras Zoom in Clo-Close, Clo-Close!
Watch our Tongues hit Throat-Throat, Throat-throat!
Twenty three mo’ ladies to Go,

Take a Trip to…
Paraguay, at the Comfort Inn!
Go on a Double Date, with Two Twins!

I’m gonna take ’em on a boat, to the Yacht Club!
Make out with 7 different girls, in a Hot Tub!
Fly you to Reno in a rented Helicopter!
Now every date is Ending, Ending
With a fireworks show!

It would be Super Cool if your favorite band was here…
What’dya know!!
Holding hands in this Park/Zoo
Wondering “Which Hannah are you?”

Hannah P. or O.? O. Wait no…
Hannah G.? From Oh-Ohio?
No Hannah C., Who’s out on parole?
Hannah B.? No wait…
Hannah Z.? No wait…
Hannah, I can’t deal with…

(No… No!… )
All this drama
“Turn the Cameras off, i’m done… I’m Done!”
All these women…
“My heart is so conflicted right now…”
So much problems
“What do you mean Hannah Q. had a boyfriend before?”
My head’s spinnin’!
“I just don’t think she’s here for the right reasons…”
From the Trauma
“My lips are bruised from kissing”
I think i’m quittin’
“I’m not good at making choices!”
“I just… I never thought Dating 30 women would be this hard”

dramatic music
“Wait, Fantasy Suites are THIS week?… Really?
You know what? … *sigh*… It just…
It… it wouldn’t be fair to the WOMEN,
if i didn’t see this through… and at least try… to sleep with all of them”


Let me meet your folks!
I’ll be asking your father, for his Daughter’s hand,
and he’s like: “WHOAAA Bro?!”
Said he couldn’t approve it, but i’m still gonna do it,
On My Knee Propose, pose, pose, pose!
And she won’t say No, no, no, no
Until After the Show, show, is closed!
Our Engagement, didn’t make it
So I reached out to Hannah A…

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