No one here is surprised that Taylor is dropping deluxe versionS (yes, plural) of her latest album, Midnights. By the looks of it, one of the deluxe versions will have the song “Hits Different,” while the other version will have a Vault song called “You’re Losing Me.” That second one is only available on CD and on site in East Rutherford ahead of her show. We’re crossing our fingers that the CD makes it way around the US without a fat price tag on it. We don’t want to miss out on the Vault song!

One thing in particular that Taylor is excited about is redoing “Karma” with the addition of Ice Spice. You know her from “Boy’s A Liar,” which has done well on TikTok.

Plus, Taylor is adding MORE Lana Del Rey to “Snow On The Beach!” While fans loved Lana with Taylor, reviews have been mixed on what people expect from a collaboration with Ice Spice. There is some speculation over that collaboration, too, because of Taylor’s current love interest, Matty Healy of The 1975. Billboard wrote about his offensive remarks and apology to Ice Spice a couple months ago after being a guest on a podcast where jokes where made about her ethnicity. Buzzfeed rounded up many online responses that call this move calculated.

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