The Chainsmokers are planning to perform on the edge of space!  They’ll be the first musicians to do this (if Ye can’t beat ’em) and it’ll take place in 2024. They’ll travel 23 miles above sea level, a little less than half the distance to the edge of the atmosphere, so they won’t be official astronauts, but they’ll be out there!

A company called World View will provide the flight. The CEO’s son is a huge Chainsmokers fan, and, wanting to be the coolest dad in the world, he invited Alex and Drew to be on one of their first flights.  Of course they said yes.  The great thing about this type of space flight is that it costs $50,000, as compared to the Jeff Bezos Blue Origin flight that runs $28 million.

Passengers will be in a this pressurized capsule connected to a balloon (I guess that’s some comfort!)  Maybe one day all of us can afford to see what it like out there!  What would you pay?!


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