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The First Body Part You Wash in the Shower Says Something About Your Personality

Shower head in hotel

This could be complete BS- but it’s fun!  A lifestyle “expert” says the first body part you wash in the shower reveals things about your personality… so let’s see if it’s true for you!

  1. Your Face.  You love money – and sometimes struggle to get along with other people (isn’t that ALL of us?!)
  2. Your Shoulders.  You are loyal and reliable, devoted and can take the “world on your shoulders”
  3. Your Armpits. You are very attentive, but may lack confidence and come off as naïve
  4. Your Chest.  You can get stressed out a lot, but you’re honest and loyal
  5. Your Hair. You hopeless romantic! You get lost in your own thoughts and have the temperament of an intellectual and an artist
  6. Random.  If you don’t wash in any specific order, you’re adventurous and you don’t like being bored

So, is this accurate?  Either way, you’re clean and that’s good ✨


PHOTO: Alpha Media Library

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