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This is just simply a note for when you do see the movie that raked in $80.5 Million in it’s theater debut per Variety. “Oppenheimer” currently has a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes in both Tomatometer and Audience Score.

However, Buzzfeed points out a historical inaccuracy in the movie: in a scene where people are waving American flags, the year is 1945. We still had an American flag that year. However, the ones shown in the movie have 50 stars, whereas there were on 48 stars on the flag in 1945.

It was later in 1959/1960 that the 50-star flag was flown. Designs were submitted in 1959 and according to National Park Service, the 50-star flag “has flown over the United States since July 4, 1960, after the addition of Hawaii and Alaska. It is the twenty-seventh official flag that has flown over the country.”

We’re confident this won’t ruin the movie for you. 😉

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