The Reason Dolly Parton Won’t Eat What Miley Cyrus Cooks

Dolly Parton adores her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus, but she draws the line at eating her cooking. Dolly told Insider,

I doubt I’d eat much of anything that Miley cooks ’cause it would have no taste. Even if she cooked me something, I’m sure I’d have to doctor it up a little for myself,” she added. “I would have to have some bacon grease.

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Dolly added that she likes to make country classics like meatloaf and cornbread for Miley when she can convince her to steer away from her diet,

Miley’s trying to watch what she eats now — she’s gone through a lot of phases of being vegetarian or being vegan or whatever, but in the earlier days, or when her defenses are down, we still eat that good ol’ food like meatloaf.

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