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You’re not used to hearing the Jonas Brothers sing about sex. Even though it’s a hihgly popular topic in Top 40 music, they’ve generally been regarded as “pure” thanks to the purity ring thing during their Disney days and singing more PG love songs if any.

Now, with their new album The Album, they’re getting more into the topic in Summer In The Hamptons where the main lyrics is “sex like summer in the Hamptons.” It’s not a kinky song necessarily, but it’s in a different direction than what you have heard from them in the past.

So what’s it like singing about sex in a band with your brothers?

It can be a little strange,

says Nick Jonas per American Songwriter.

Nick goes on to add that the music has to be nuanced or somewhat subtle. Joe Jonas added that,

Obviously, we’re not duetting those songs. Very individual singing in that,

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