The Top 10 Most Popular Shows Of 2020 So Far

With the whole pandemic going on, many of us have watched tons of TV to pass the time.

The Internet Movie Database released a list of the top 10 popular TV shows of 2020 so far, according to a ratings system.

This list was calculated by looking at shows that have started airing and streaming from January 1st to August 23rd.

Here are the Top 10 shows from the year with the most highest user ratings:

 1. “The Last Dance”

 2. “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”

3. “The Outsider”

4. “How the Universe Works”

5. “Dark”

6. “Westworld”

7. “Better Call Saul”

8. “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

9. “Normal People”

10. “Top Gear”

Surprisingly, “Tiger King” didn’t make the list. You would’ve thought it would’ve though… that’s like the show of quarantine.

What shows have you been watching lately?

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