Beyonce just released the track listing for her new album, “Renaissance,” and from the looks of it, it is gonna be absolute fire!

The 16-song album will also feature collabs with Drake, Pharrell and of course, Jay-Z!

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The album drops on July 29.

Check out the full track list here:

  1. “I’m That Girl”
  2. “Cozy”
  3. “Alien Superstar”
  4. “Cuff It”
  5. “Energy”
  6. “Break My Soul”
  7. “Church Girl”
  8. “Plastic Off the Sofa”
  9. “Virgo’s Groove”
  10. “Move”
  11. “Heated”
  12. “Thique”
  13. “All Up In Your Mind”
  14. “America Has A Problem”
  15. “Pure/Honey”
  16. “Summer Renaissance”


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