By now you’ve seen an entire score of “Blinding Lights” challenges on TikTok.

The Weeknd‘s iconic song has inspired thousands.

Consider the ante officially “upped”

YouTuber Dan Mace actually reads the comments (so you don’t have to).

And a comment from one of his previous videos issued a rather unique challenge:

Make music, using only bricks.

Mace takes challenges seriously.

So he looked at the top 100 song list…

And right at the top, as you know, sits The Weeknd.

But instead of throwing up his hands in frustration, he went to work.

With only a handful of tools, some mixed cement, and a pile of bricks…

Mace made a “brick flute” — some dominoes, a workable synth, and a “bass brick”

And thus, he faithfully re-created “Blinding Lights”

In all of its percussive, synth-y goodness.

Someone tweet Abel so he sees this. It’s incredible!

Fair warning, Mace uses some strong language later on in the video.

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