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Bussers, Servers, Cooks, Front of House, Back of House… whatever you do, if you’re in the restaurant industry this song is for you! Instead of Doja Cat and SZA’s “Kiss Me More” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Tip ‘Em More”

Full Lyrics:
They Rush, to Getcha your Luunch,
And Refill your Diet Sprite (la-la-la, la-la-la)

They Help Patrons, Rockin those Aprons,
Playin’ to your Appetite…

You should Tip ’em more…
Cuz they Help Ya…
And handle all your Food, Oh-Oh…

Don’t Be Difficult,

Askin’ for Stuff
That is NOT on the MENU, No-Ohh,
Each and Every Day, Customers complain
Steak could use more flame (Ooo-“Blah-Blah-blah-Blah”)
Fries aren’t the shape I want em’
Salad wasn’t Strained, I don’t like Romaine,
Send it Back it Again, (Ooo-“Blah-Blah-blah-Blah”)
I wanna to change-UP my Order

With People there’s ALWAYS something
No Blueberries IN they’re muffin
PAN-Cakes, are too FLUFFY FLUFFY,
Keep asking’ for FOOD adjustments
No Chicken inside they Nuggets…
No Gluten, but still want Dumplin’s
They Wantin’-a FULL Re-Fundin,
They gotta be HUFFIN’ Somethin’

Customize how they WANT Their DISH.
They get the MAHI MAHI, without the Fish,
Order the SURF-&-TURF-with a Major Twist
When-CHEF FINDS OUT, man, he gon’ be PISSED, Still
… no matter how Ridiculous
Like a Genie, they gonna Grant your Wish,
Even Aladdin, Never had a Friend like THIS,
Like a PENCIL Sharpener, work for Tips,

Gotta Give ’em more,
It’s just money,
To show your Grati-tuuuude, oh-oh
It’s additional
Cuz, you owe them
For takin’-your ABUUUSE, oh oh,

Grossly underpaid, Workin’ holidays
Split the Check 8 Ways, oh-na-na-na-na
Don’t be so cheap, they Earned it!
Shirt is Mustard stained, Kids are Goin’ Insane
Every day’s the same, oh-la-la-la-la
C’mom now, they all deserve it

Give ‘em Respect, they Need Pay the Rent
Cash is Better, than any Compliment
Stackin’ the BILLS, for your Server, Martin,
Makin it RAIN, up in this Olive Garden…

Know the SPECIALS on Meals, homie,
Ketchup Bottle Refills, homie
Glasses Gettin’ So Chilled, they know that
Cocktails with the Fruit Peels, they know that

If you have gotta Goo!
You could take ya FOOD on the ROAD, *ding*, they Got us
Ask the Server he’ll Bag it All Up,
Boxing more things, than Logan Paul,does,

Big Smile on her Face
Balance Twenty Plates
All down on her Arms & Face, like Cirq du Soliel!

(So Please TIP EM More)
And the Bus Boys
They Clean up after you, uh oh,
(It’s Reciprocal)
If you STIFF ‘em
Put Loogies in your SOUP, Oh No

Polish up the Spoons, All the Shakers Too,
Brought a Meal to You, Go on on na na
Show em all, that you Support Em,

When the meal is Thru, you know WHAT to do,
Add a Zero or Two, oh-la-la-la-la
Understaffed, So please Reward EM…

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