If you’re out on the job site, regardless of the weather, this song is for you! Instead of Maroon 5’s “Moves like Jagger” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Tools & Ladder”

Full Lyrics:
It’s an Early Start
At the Job Site
These Boots are Carhartt
Brought My Flashlight

The Concrete I Laid,
Is Perfectly Paved,
I’m WAY Underpaid.
My Silverado, Is the Greatest!
All Other Trucks Blow, Won’t Debate It!
Come check out my Rig,
Got Shovels to Dig,
Screwdrivers this Big moan
(And I GRIP it like this)

Ain’t no kind of Wood I won’t Drill Through!
Grab my Caulking Gun, and I’ll Show you
How to Glue and Laquer…
Cover a Room, in Plaster,
And “Raise the Roof” like Rappers.
Got an F-Y-I To All those Who
Try to D-I-Y, and have NO Clue…
Get your Tools and Ladder…
Need Tim “The Tool Man” Swagger,
Like Thor I Use a Massive Hammer

I’m Tan On My Arms, From the Sun Light
My Helmet is Harrrrrd, Gut by Bud Lite
My Vest is Shiny
I’m On my 13th,
Monster Energy

I move Heavy Loads, Like it’s Magic…
I Stand by the Roads, Guiding Traffic…
When I’m in My Gear…
Stud-Finder, it’s clear
Your STUD is Right Here
(Layin’ Beam All Year)

Hear my Miter-Saw, as it Cuts Through…
Louder than a Thunder Clap, Goes Boom, (Thunder)
When I Drive the Tractor
I Need to Drain, My Bladder,
The Port-a-Potty by the Street, is our Communal Crapper.

Giant Bag of Sockets, I go Through,
Got More Numbers than a SUDOKU,
My jeans are Stained with Matter,
It Looks like Pancake Batter,
I Swear to you, it’s only White Paint Splatter…

Our Offices, Are Right Outside…
In Mobile Homes, Ooo Baby, Double Wide.
And if my Hands are Shaking’
I’m gonna take a Break and,
Hit up the Gassin’ Station!

The Way I Torque… My Wrenches Right,
Could make a Lady’s DRY-Wall never Dry,
The Overtime I’m Makin’…
With all the Dimes I’m Rakin’…
I’m Feelin’ like Pete David-son. Ay, Ay, Ay!!!!


FEBRUARY Goal that we Told You,
Got Delayed it’s Closer to MID-June
August Lookin’ Better.
Scratch that, Now it’s September.
I guess this Kitchen Renovation’s Gonna Take Forever.

When the Job is Over, You Know Who…
Will Get Nice & Drunk, on Some Cold Brew
I’m the Building Master…
Beefy as a Meat Platter…
I got my Tools and Ladder.

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