There’s some weird things flying around the skies and Jeffrey thinks we should all be on alert! Instead of Frozen’s “Let It Go” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “UFO!”

Balloons fly high, through the Idaho Sky
See em floatin’, on the Breeze
An object of mass inflation
And they’re sayin’… it’s Chinese?

Two honeymooners, on a hot air balloon ride!
Are they Bride & Groom, or two foreign spies?
They’re Sending in the F-16s
We’ve declared a war on Neoprene
Gender Reveal, that just went Rogue
Balloon Explodes!

Down it Goes! Down it Goes!
The Second It Leaves the shore
Should’ve phoned, Yellowstone,
He’d shoot it down from his back porch!
What it is, well, we can’t quite say
Did we Fire upon…
A Macy’s Parade float that got away?

Ice We Got a problem here, now i’m bringing up 4 aircraft on the Radar! Not One Pair, Two Pair!

Another Top Gun sequel where Maverick saves us All
Tom risks his life to shoot down, an evil white beach ball!
They’re Poppin’ blimps, and intertubes,
Even my Blow-up Girlfriend, Sue!
What if we find in the Debris

UFO! Up in Smoke!
Like Star Wars in Real Life
Tried to Probe, we Said “NO!”
Get your Death Star out of our sky!
We’re not scared, if Darth Vader Came
But I might be Wrong….

Hey F-16, Multiple unidentified bogeys spotted over the Used Car Sale Lot – Rendezvous & Engage… Roger that

Could be a Bouncy Castle wind swept off the Ground!
Maybe the Old Man’s house from “Up” is South America Bound
Or was Kim K. in Space? Her Skims pressed to the glass?
Even the Goodyear Blimp looks sus when it floats Past!

Guy ya Know, With Crossbow
Been Shootin’ at the Sky for Fun!
He unloads at bright globes
Then realized that it was the Sun
Like a zit, on a teenage face…
Gotta Pop ‘em All!
That’s how I ruined my nephew’s birthday