Lewis Capaldi virtually hung out with Mix 106.5 listener Diana and me, Marc Acton.  Before Diana joined us I got to chat with Lewis about living at home with his parents.  He was actually in a shed converted into a recording studio in his parents backyard which is near Glasgow, Scotland.  It shows you how down-to-earth he is, he’s rich and famous but chooses to live with his parents.  I love that! It reminded me of when he was mistaken for a staff member at the Grammy’s earlier this year.

Lewis’ dad, also named Mark, even crashed our video call.  It’s obvious his dad is really proud of his son’s talent and success.  When we first got on the chat I instantly noticed the Celtic jersey framed on Lewis’ wall.  I had to ask him about it since I’m a huge soccer fan.  He almost convinced me to become a Celtic supporter! 🙂

Once our Mix 106.5 winner joined us Lewis took over and basically interviewed her!  Diana is a Mechanical Engineering student and Lewis was so impressed.  Lewis said, “I’m sorry you have to spend time with me, a man who never finished High School.”

If you don’t follow Lewis on Instagram you really should.  He’s hilarious and loves to make fun of himself.  Here he is with one of his besties…ED SHEERAN!

During the interview he mentioned that he’s had two shows scheduled for San Francisco but both were cancelled.  Make sure you’re checking his website often for updates on when he might FINALLY play a show here in the Bay Area.

I had a blast getting to hang with Lewis.  He’s the type of person that you want to have around to make you laugh and feel good about yourself.  I really hope that we get to see him live in concert ASAP!

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