Turns out Brad Pitt and I actually have something in common and it’s ROAD RAGE. He recently interviewed with W Magazine. They asked him what are some of his pet peeves to which he replied,

You know what my pet peeve—my Larry David moment—is? It’s when people are in the passing lane and they’re going as slow as everyone in the regular lanes. They block the whole thing, and you can’t get around. I gotta move. And when I feel trapped, I go all Larry David on ’em.

This is hilarious to me because I was just complaining about people who drive too slowly in the left lane or the passing lane. In his sit-down (skip to 2:51), he describes how he has to get out from behind slow drivers with a weaving hand motion. THAT’S ME.

This is why three lanes are better than two… Because any lane is the passing lane if other people don’t know how to use the real one — as long as you can get around them.


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