Maybe you saw the HUGE announcement from Taylor Swift… She’s finally putting out Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)! It will drop on Friday, July 7, 2023!

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In the second slide of her announcement, she refers to fans reading it as “dear reader,” which has them thinking she’s not only releasing a rerecorded version of “Speak Now” from 2010 but also a memoir. Right now there’s not hard proof that this is happening. But then again, is there ever hard proof of anything Taylor hints about before she actually puts it into play?

Some clever TikTok sleuths have been working on this theory:

@gaylorlore #duet with @Good Neighbor Bookstore #TaylorSwift #lgbetty #friendsofdorothea #gaylorswiftspace #gaylortheory #kaylor #swiftgron ♬ original sound – Good Neighbor Bookstore

According to Good Neighbor Bookstore, July 9, a book will be released and only on June 13 (Taylor’s lucky Number) will we know what that book will be.

In Taylor’s caption of her Instagram announcement, she says this:

It fills me with such pride and joy to announce that my version of Speak Now will be out July 7 (just in time for July 9th, iykyk 😆)

However, we can’t discount that July 9 is also a date she specifically mentions in the Speak Now song “Last Kiss.”

That July ninth, the beat of your heart

It jumps through your shirt

I can still feel your arms

Now we wait… For both the new album and hopefully (fingers crossed) the memoir?!

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