It’s awards season! The stars and celebs are out on the red carpet for Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week! Instead of Katy Perry’s “Roar” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Win The Award!”

I’m a big time star, and you’re impressed
me & taylor swift are bff’s,
Award show nominee… and i brought my mom with me,
Where you sit they don’t give you a choice
Stuck all night next to the island boys
Leo won’t talk to me, cuz i’m over 23

The cameras flash, as i roll up,
Stretch limo, big as scrooge mcduck’s
With ice on necks, that plunge down south
More diamonds than in quavo’s mouth
The carpets’s red, and filled with stars
Chris rock’s wearin his mouth guard,
But in one pic, i’ve got a frown

I had to pose with jon cryer, rob schneider
My publicist is fired!
Cuz i am a diva, a certified real fame who-oh!
I got a, selife with rihanna!
Cuz i’m an a-lister,
and i’m gonna win the awa-a-a-a-rd
Thank the lo-o-o-o-ord!!
Gonna sco-o-o-o-ore!!
Called out my name, for sure!

I took the stage, and grabbed the microphone,
I thanked my mom and all my fans at home
I thanked sierra mist, and both my therapists…

But then i hear, the orchestra!
Like a trojan sayin’ wrap it up!
I’m supposed to go, but i’m too proud,
so instead i try to talk real loud!
“i want to say just one more thing
To every little boy or girl watching!
I’ll say it once, so hear me now….

and then they cut to commercial, and stopped me!!
I didn’t get to talkin’ bout,
All my opinions, around politics & war
Camera pans to lady gaga
While j-lo looks bothered… cuz ben affleck seems so bored!
Bo-o-o-o-ored (he’s wicked bored!)
Gonna sno-o-o-ore!
Just for 3 hours or four?!
(“you like me! You really like me”)

Award… Award… award… award…. Award!!!

Come look at how, i’m admired
Inspired, while pounding apple ciders!
I kissed miley cyrus, got side-eye from mandy moore
Tired, tired from the ambien i got from pete davidson,
i’m more hammered now than tho-o-o-or!!

Tho-o-o-o-or! (i’ll take three more!)
Hit the flo-o-o-o-or
I’m huggin’ harrison ford!
(oh oh oh oh oh)
I’m ador-o-o-ored
I’m gonna win the award!!!

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