Writing a history book is hard work.

It takes years of research, primary sources, and interviews.

Or, in one woman’s case, a lot of copying and pasting.

Government History book plagiarizes Wikipedia

According to SF Gate, a government employee tasked with writing a government book in Santa Clara County is in hot water.

The county hired Jean McCorquodale to write about the County’s history.

The result is an extensive, 500+ page treatise.

She allegedly stole “significant portions” of the text from various sources.

One of which was Wikipedia.

She also copied sections from The Mercury News, SF Gate, The History Channel, and others

When asked for comment, McCorquodale told the Mercury News:

“The paragraphs you refer to and others were utilized as placeholders and were never intended to be included in the final copy”

Those “placeholders” somehow found their way into the final draft.

The county paid McCorquodale a whopping $2.45 million over the past 10 years for this project.

The book hasn’t been published just yet.

SF Gate notes that the 580 page manuscript may only be available to government officials in San Jose.

And not to the general public.

I mean, heck.

If all the county needs is someone who’s really good at copying and pasting, there are better options.

Some underpaid Radio DJs would do it for less than half that cost.

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