Marshmallow lovers, this might be the greatest news you’ve heard in 2020.

Coming to a grocery store shelf near you: Lucky Charms marshmallows!

hungry lucky charms GIF by Dark Igloo

You’ll be able to buy JUST the marshmallows from your favorite cereal!

Starting in September, the company who makes Lucky Charms, General Mills will be selling pouches of only the marshmallows! So no more having to pick around for them.

The sweet treat will be labeled as, “Just Magical Marshmallows” and will be sold in six-ounce packs for $3.99.

These marshmallow pouches will be available for purchase nationwide.

If you’re planning on snagging a few of these, you might wanna stock up because General Mills didn’t talk about how long they’ll be making these marshmallow only pouches.

Be honest, do you pick around the cereal for marshmallow pieces?

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