You Can Order A Giant Tub Of Nutella Online

I was today years old when I learned that you can buy Nutella in BULK… And not just like several jars at a time. Amazon sells a 6.6-pound tub of that delicious, chocolate-hazelnutty goodness. And it’s only like $36 for it.

If you do snag this giant bucket of wonderful, you might actually want to share it just so it doesn’t get half crumbly, half oily like it does when you forget it’s in the pantry.

I’m sure some people spread it on toast or dip fruit in it, but personally I like to eat it plain with a spoon on the couch while I watch Netflix. Unlike ice cream it won’t melt when you cuddle up to it. Did I just give you a  really good idea for Single Girl Valentine’s Day or what?

Cue Lizzie McGuire singing “This is what dreams are made of.”


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