Source: YouTube

Zendaya is hoping to get evil in the near future.

During a video interview for Elle magazine, the Emmy winner said she would like to play a villain role in the future. Zendaya noted that the majority of her output has been playing “the good guy,” which is a trend she wants to break.

“I would love to play a villain of sorts, Zendaya said. “Tap into that evil, supervillain vibe. Whatever that manifests in, I don’t think necessarily in a superhero sense but in an emotional sense. I feel like I usually play the good guy, so I’d like to play the bad guy.”

Also on Zendaya’s bucket list is directing, “[I want to] direct one day. To direct a film, hopefully more than just one, but just doing it,” Zendaya said. “The first step to actually doing something yourself is not an easy step to take, so hopefully I can get over the fear.” 


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